[Note: This mix is now offline but can still be hear at Music For Programming.]

This is the ambient mix I made for Datassette’s Music For Programming a series of mixes intended to aid concentration and increase productivity. Originally released in December 2013.

1: Cloud Landings – Stuart Dempster
2: Rising Meridian – Auburn Lull
3: Levy – Node
4: Untitled (Koner Experiment 6) – E.A.R.
5: Blue, Blue, Electronic Blue – So Takahashi
6: Wunjo (Monkeydeed Eggs Hell Remix) – Giles Reaves
7: Secret Squirrel (Orb-ient Remix) – The Saxophonettes
8: Never Cry Wolf – Mark Isham
9: Ladder Of Lights – Cypher 7
10: When The Night Was Black – Biosphere & Pete Namlook
11: Hybrid – Brook / Eno / Lanois
12: Vespers – Bola
13: Dark Country Road – William Fowler Collins
14: Why Do I Still Sleep – Popol Vuh

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