Ep. 24 – “HEALING DOME VOL. 2”

healing dome 2

Finally, seven years later, the sequel to Healing Dome Vol. 1! 78 minutes of long-form 90s electronica, ambient trance, and chill tent house for when the main stage is too intense. Put on a poncho, crawl into the dome and settle into a nice inflatable inner-tube for the night.

1: Garbagemx – Autechre
2: Twelve Miles High – Burger/Ink
3: 100 Lbs – Herbert
4: On (Reload Mix) – Aphex Twin
5: Nite Out – Move D & Pete Namlook
6: Quadrant Dub II – Basic Channel
7: All That I Need Is To Be Loved (Melodic Mix) – Moby
8: Soulfree – Alter Ego
9: Charlotte’s Mouth (Avant Garde Mix) – Seefeel

Compiled and mixed April 2020.

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