A Party Girl (1995) tribute mix consisting entirely of tracks either appearing in the film or mentioned by Leo (Guillermo Diaz) when he’s putting together his DJ set (specifically the montage sequence where Parker Posey helps him navigate the new filing system for all his records.) This is admittedly a pretty niche project for me but I’ve always admired the way whoever did the music consulting for the film really knew their shit. Like it’s a really well-curated time capsule of 90s club culture, ranging from bitch house to diva house to disco to hip hop, with more surprising deep cuts than you’d expect from a low budget indie comedy. Sadly I wasn’t able to include everything that’s played or mentioned (Madonna’s “Up Down Suite” didn’t make the cut, for example) but it still ended up a more comprehensive soundtrack than the official soundtrack album (which is really lacking.)

1: Double Cross – First Choice
2: Is It All Over My Face? (Masters At Work Remix) – Loose Joints
3: Carnival 93 (Mardi Gras Mix) – Club Ultimate
4: In the Dark We Live (Dave Clarke 312 Remix) – Aphrohead
5: House Of Love (More/Phearce Mix)  – Smooth Touch
6: (Work This) Pussy – Go Bitch Go!
7: You Used To Hold Me – Ralphie Rosario
8: Lick It (No Afro Sheen Mix) – Karen Finley
9: Sex Drive (Sex Pitch Mix) – Grace Jones
10: X (Sound Factory Mix) – Junior Vasquez
11: I Can’t Get No Sleep (Ken Lou 12” Mix) – India
12: U Got Me Up (Cajmere’s Underground Goodies Mix) – Dajae
13: Activator (You Need Some) (T.C.B. Mix) – Whatever, Girl
14: Throw – Paperclip People
15: You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) – Sylvester
16: Music Selector Is the Soul Reflector – Deee-lite
17: Peter Piper – Run DMC
18: Genius Of Love – Tom Tom Club
19: To Be Loved – Basscut
20: Eric B. Is President – Eric B. and Rakim

Mixed by Panda Magic (J. Cawood) October/November 2021.

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